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New is your health?

Now that we are a week into the new year, it is the season of new year's resolutions! One of the most popular resolutions is the goal of increasing fitness, healthy eating, and physical activity.

While focusing on improving your health is a very positive goal to have, the pressure of sometimes costly gym memberships and the negative social tendency to define fitness as weight loss can be discouraging and sometimes toxic. If your resolution is fitness this new year, it may be helpful to first redefine fitness for yourself and make a plan to achieve a healthier lifestyle in a way that is also positive for your mental health!

Despite what social media and influencers may tell you, fitness doesn't have to mean losing tens of pounds or heavily restricting your diet. Fitness can simply mean trying to include more fruits and vegetables in your diet or making time for a daily thirty minute at home exercise session. Depending on your lifestyle and your schedule, decide on a healthy and sustainable fitness plan.

What kind of exercises would you enjoy? How much time do you have daily or weekly to exercise? Do you want to join a gym or exercise at home? How can you include more healthy foods in your diet? What would help motivate you to continue your fitness plan? What has discouraged you in the past?

How can you overcome past challenges this time? Remember, this fitness journey is uniquely yours. Steer clear of the curse of social comparison, and keep in mind that every step and day of progress is important, no matter how small, as it gets you one step closer to your goals!

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